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Friday, 22 August 2014
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Company information
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Sleepvaartbedrijf Herman Sr BV was founded in 1992 and came forth out of the family company which had been sailing the inland waters with small and large tugs, aswell as other motorised ships for years.
Many tugs have been property of the family:
Japico , HeGeJo (Damen 1948), Heco (Damen 1970, 1974), Doolaard, Wiljos, Adri, Adri-D, Jodi, Herman Sr, Tarka (Damen 1996) en Herman (Damen 2002), Tarka 2 (Damen 2004), Baloe (Damen 2006), Yogi (Damen 2008), Tarka 3 (Damen 2010)
In 1970 there was a change to coastal tugs which were deployed in the Netherlands and abroad. They were to be used for coastal and shore works, subvluvial cables, and plough dredging.
Operations like: gaspipe construction at Schiermonnikoog, de Deltaworks, coastal contructions, plough and survey work for hoppers and cutters, anchorhandling for cable- and pipeconstructors.

The company started as a one-man company with the tug “Herman Sr.” which was built in 1976 for H. van Dodewaard. It was taken over by our company in 1982. In the years it belonged to our company it has been modified to fit to the changing needs of the market. For that reason a ploughing installation was installed as well as survey material. In 1992 this ship was introduced in the newfounded company, as it still exsists today.
Due to the fact that ships became larger larger (like most hoppers, backhoe’s and cutters) the market for bigger supportships was growing inmensely. This resulted with the purchase of the in 1996 at Damen Bergum build Shoalbuster 2409 “Tarka”. This ship was the second Shoalbuster that was ever build.
After this type ship proved to be a huge succes we decided in 2001 to replace the “Herman Sr.” with a brand new Shoalbuster 2208. This ship received the name “Herman”, after the father of founder and director Jack van Dodewaard. The “Herman Sr.” was sold to the English firm H&S Marine, where it still sails under it's original name and colours.
On the 27th of October 2003 the “Tarka” was sold as well, this time to the German firm Bilfinger Berger AG and will be deployed in Nigeria. It will keep it's original name. The “Tarka” will be replaced in April 2004 with another Shoalbuster. This time we chose a type 2609, this will be the biggest and most powerfull boat that ever belonged to our company. It will aslo be the first 200 nm ship of our company. This will result in an expansion of our working territory.

So far the summarised history of our company.
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Herman Sr. B.V. has it's office in Zwijndrecht (Zuid-Holland), The Netherlands.

Work and tugboat company Herman Sr. B.V.
Three tugs/multi purpose workboats are available to serve clients all over the globe.

Our units are employed in various tasks and are involved in the following operations:

  • providing assistance to dredging, civil engineering and offshore sites is one of Herman Sr. BV's specialities
  • port towage and berthing assistance
  • barge handling and towing
  • movements of maritime structures (objects)
  • maintenance of windmill parks
  • anchor handling
  • crew transport
  • survey wo
  • ploughing
  • salvage

Furthermore we can when necessary fall back on the operational and technical support from one of the many shipyards of the Damen Shipyards Group


Contact us

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    Anjerstraat 73
    3333GC Zwijndrecht
    The Netherlands