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Barney update, a visit to the shipyard in Poland

on Wednesday, 08 October 2014. op Wednesday, 08 October 2014 Posted in news

Since the last update of Barney, a lot has changed again. With the current the situation is now, the hull would be nice on schedule to be ready for transport. Push fender sitting all together including the bow thruster, and push fender is already attached to the hull. Accommodation is on the hull, and it has also been completely welded and has already been painted since last Monday 6-10-2014 both inside and outside. The bitts and crane foundation neatly on their place, and are being welded to have these ready as soon as possible as well.

As previously mentioned the construction of the hull is on schedule and would be to ready to go the Netherlands on time. However, it was decided to extend Barney by 3 meters. This is to ensure that the depth of 1.80 m with the desired 30-ton bollard pull can be guaranteed.

Because the hull is this far in the stages of construction already, the additional 3 meters will come between the steering gear room and accommodation. This means that the hull has to be cut somewhere in the middle.

Because all of this, the delivery of the Barney will be delayed and the completion in April will therefore probably not be made.

Below are some pictures from our visit last Monday 6-10 and Tuesday 7-10 at the shipyard. And the first pictures of the open hull.

 New Artist impression of the Barney






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